Do we need JKPSC if it cannot recruit even in five years?

Image Courtesy: Online Media Service

Jammu, 04 June: The fact that Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission (JKPSC) has a dismal record when it comes to recruitment process is no news to anyone in the state. The JKPSC has filled less than half of the vacancies referred to it in the past five years.

Counting the unfilled numbers back from 2011 till present date a total of 5,775 posts for 23 state government departments were referred to the commission. These figures were made available in Legislative Assembly on Friday and surprisingly not even a single post for 14 government departments has been referred to the PSC during this time.

Furthermore, the commission managed to fill the measure of 5,775 posts till only 2,312 during the last six years. As is evident, that is less than half the posts that should have been filled.

In a state like Jammu and Kashmir, government jobs have been a preferred choice for many youth seeing the promise of stability as Jammu and Kashmir for various reasons has a very unpromising job market. Not only is the recruitment process slow, posts advertised years ago are still awaiting selection.

Back in the year 2014, the highest number of posts, 2,250, were referred to the PSC. Then in the year 2013, 1,271, 454 in 2012, 509 in 2011 and 1,252 this year. Last year just 39 posts were referred to the PSC.

The maximum vacancies were referred by the Health and Medical Education with 1,751 posts, followed very closely by Higher Education with 1,741 posts and then School Education with 1,059 posts. These account for 80 percent of all the posts referred to the PSC in the last years.

Of the 37 government departments, the PSC has made recruitment for only 16 departments, the official data by the state government revealed.

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