Do you know Airplane making was known to Ancient India?


It is asserted sages and researchers had expounded on airplane making as early as in 7000 B.C. An old Indian rishi had given point by point rules for making a flying machine. Maharshi Bharadwaj has described rules for making planes. There are 97 reference books for avionics. In Brihatvimanshastra, he has given 500 rules.

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The Maharishi has characterized a plane as a vehicle which goes through the air from one nation to other, from one mainland to other, from one planet to other. The sage has also named some metal alloys in his book, Vimana Samhita, which can be used for plane-production. Research says that there were gigantic planes in ancient India. Their fundamental structure was of 60 by 60 feet and sometimes, even more than 200 feet with 40 little motors.

The old Indian radar framework was called, ‘Rooparkanrahasya’. In this framework, the state of the plane was introduced to the onlooker, rather than a pointer that is seen on present day radar frameworks. Rishi Bharadwaj’s book even referenced an eating regimen for pilots — milk of wild ox, cow and sheep. Pilots of old India’s planes needed to wear garments made out of submerged vegetation.

In the 21st century, a combination of science and otherworldliness will happen as a result of the law of penetration. It is extraordinary to incorporate the internal with the outward. Science and otherworldliness should be as one. In such a case, we can go into its underlying foundations. It is good for harmony so that we can bring inspiration throughout our everyday life.