Do you know the old way towards Vaishno Devi Shrine and the history behind mata Chintpurni?

According to Pandit Vinod Sharma the 250 years old prestigious temple of Mata Chintpurni was built by Maharaja Gulab Singh when he came in to rule J&K. Initially, he did not have enough money to set up his empire. Once on his way he saw the mountain and a shivling where a mahatma used to chant mantra’s.

He asked him “I don’t have enough money to run my empire what shall I do?” The mahatma said “swear that if your dynasty works well, you will build a temple here.”

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After his pray helped. Gulab Singh built the temple at the same place when his empire flourished.

The temple is believed to be a magical experience to many devotees. There have been instances where people have the heard the sound of goddesses payal which makes them believe that the goddess is taking care of them.  The girls who don’t get married on time vow and visit the temple 5 Tuesdays and have experienced the results of their faith on the deity.

Chintpurni devi is only in Jammu and Himachal. The old way to go towards Vaishno devi shrine was from the way of the mandir via Kolkandoli Mata. On the Shravan’s month Ashtami is the birthday of  the goddess and is celebrated with utmost faith by the devotees.

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