Do you know where in Bandipora is the ‘Drug Adda’?

Bandipora, March 04: The locals of Bandipora district are using a deserted Patwar Khana (local land records office) located in the village Gamroo of same district for social evils like drugs.

As per a Kashmir Based Website, the district has already become a ‘hotbed of criminal activities’ and this building which is not being used at present for any official purpose by the Revenue authorities is thronged by drug addicts and non-locals especially during the night time.

A part of this building has also been occupied by the Non-local rag-pickers who dump tons of scrap and other disposables, polythene, plastic collected from interiors of Gamroo village into the building.

It was constructed under the order of District Development Commissioner bearing number 118 DCB/Adm of 2009 Dated:- 31-12-2009 during the year 2009-10. It was a single storey building with three rooms and the purpose of constructing this building was  to set up a Patwar Khana in the area under the supervision of Rural Development Department. After completion of work the assigned contractor handed over the said building to the Revenve department. Since then five years have been gone and no official has ever visited the building let alone deploying any employees in it.

Locals said that in the year 2015, then Assistant Commissioner Revenue, Shabir Ahmad Raina, had directed the Tehsildar concerned to depute the concerned Patwari to the building but till date no one has ever visited the spot.

Now the building is structure with broken window panes and doors and has turned into a mere mere garbage dumping space.

Locals have complained that the officials of revenue department know all about the activities going on inside the building but they are acting as mute spectators for reasons best known to them.