Do you know why the idol of Lord Hanuman is Kesari?


We often see lord hanuman idol near us. Most of them are Saffron/ Kesar / Vermillion (Sindoor) coloured. The reason behind this is the following instance:

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Once, Lord Hanuman saw Mata Sita (wife of Lord Rama) filling her forehead with sindoor. Seeing this Hanuman asks Mata Sita about the significance of sindoor on her forehead. Mata Sita replied, “this is for the long life of my husband Lord Rama”. After this Lord Hanuman applied sindoor on his whole body for the ever long living of his Lord.

This showed his true love for his Lord Rama. There’s some reason behind every little thing. We usually tend to ignore minute details. But in these details, lies the depth. This small incident has its own significance. It shows another side of Lord Hanuman.

We know Lord Hanuman as a strong and mighty figure. But here we can see that when it comes to Lord Rama, Lord Hanuman is a devotee who can do anything for his Lord. There’s another life lesson that we can get from this incident. Despite being so strong and mighty, Lord Hanuman was grounded enough to not forget his purpose and his devotion for Lord Ram.

The Sanatan Dharma talks about numerous such incidents which you can relate with yourself as life lessons, but only if you try to understand it truly.