Doctor comes drunk on duty, creates ruckus in govt hospital

Lucknow, June 30: A lot has been written about lack of facilities in government-run hospitals across the country. But what would you say about a doctor who came drunk on duty?
Appalled? Your angry reactions are obvious, but unfortunately that is the reality of our government hospitals.

Recently, a few alert attendants of patients captured on camera the ‘antics’ of a doctor who had come drunk on duty at a government hospital in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh.
While a host of patients and their companions were waiting for their turn to get medical help, the inebriated doctor created ruckus in front of all. In the video, the doctor is seen blabbering words in Hindi which are difficult decipher.
In spite of repeated attempts by his colleagues to take him out of the emergency ward after they saw cameras filming the deplorable behaviour of a public servant, the doctor refused to budge an inch and continued with his ‘lecture’.
Now, the video of the doctor has gone viral on social media. We hope the Yogi Adityanath government would take strict action against the doctor for dereliction of duty.
Watch the video below: