Doctor leaves job to serve the poor and needy in Rajouri


Rajouri: Nearly 70 per cent of India’s doctors and other medical professionals are concentrated in urban areas, a recent parliamentary panel report noted, pointing to a growing healthcare vacuum in villages where more than two-thirds of the population lives.

Analysts reveal that many doctors who do not leave the country, prefer to stay in the cities and treat patients who can pay, even as people in the villages continue to suffer due to shortage of well-trained specialists.

How often do we meet someone who is ready to risk his well comfortable urban life and high paying job to settle in a village where even clean drinking water is something that you have to struggle for?



But as they say, “There are always exceptions to every generalization.”

Meet Dr. Asif Iqbal who has emerged as a ray of hope for poor and underprivileged people in Rajouri.

Five years ago, Dr. Iqbal was appointed as an eye specialist at the district hospital. But the passion to do something for the people of his village made him to quit his government job and open a private clinic for poor villagers.

Till now he has performed more than 100 free Motiyabind (Cataract) surgeries.

“In our district there are thousands of poor people who can’t afford to pay for cataract surgeries. When I came to know about this terrible situation, I decided to leave everything and serve them,” he told in an interview with a leading daily.


He has also received a national level award for his good work and services in the field of Ophthalmology. In August he was awarded with the Heroes award for excellence in field of Ophthalmology by Unnat Bharat Foundation at Constitution Club New Delhi Rafi Marg.

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