Does Omar still matter?


By Pawas Verma

The reunion of the PDP and BJP to breathe life in the politics of the state has undoubtedly threatened the other regional as well as the national parties including the National Conference and the Congress. But taking Omar and his red flag lightly could be an attempt of undermining him. Omar and his government were criticized enough for handling the state of affairs very improperly. His handling of various difficult situations during his six years’ tenure has mustered enough criticism from his own party and also the PDP and the BJP. Things were different when he started his political career under the mentorship of his father Farooq Abdullah.

The leader himself understands the fact that once again it is a do-or-die battle for him now, as with the coming of the PDP and BJP his political journey has again been jolted. Now after six years of ill governance he certainly knows where he stumbled, though the comprehension of his flaws have taken some time for him to understand and amend. The leader however, is not oblivious to the political dynamics of the state. When he began his political journey in 2009, as the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, he didn’t have any baggage as he was just riding on his father’s wish to see him on that prominent post. Now after his tenure is over, he has committed enough mistakes which can’t be unburdened until and unless he puts his best foot forward.

In the Assembly, he claimed to take care of his constituency-Beerwah but a lot of time went into questioning the work of the PDP-BJP alliance. His own party has an eight-decade old history and Omar needs to rely in the strength of his own party than taking help of those who have a shrinking stand.

The leadership quality that has been absent in his role as the CM is expected from him in his current role. He needs to work out beyond his expertise and lay new cards to prevent his own doom.

He is young, has a party with an extensive past, knows the dynamics of the state and has to prove himself and rectify his stained image in the state. Nevertheless, this second chance after 2009 could be the last one for the leader.

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