Dog ‘wears’ helmet on bike rides: If Dog can follow rules by wearing helmet then why can’t nations citizens?


After the amended Motor Vehicles Act was implemented, many states started issuing hefty challans to traffic rule violators – including Delhi. Though many are irritated by it and dishing out rants on social media, there are some who are combating the issue with a touch of hilarity. Amidst this, one particular image of a dog wearing a helmet has piqued people’s interest.

The image, which is being shared by different people on Twitter, shows a dog riding pillion on a bike. The thing that intrigued people is that the dog is seen wearing a helmet.

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Take a look at the image:

The fear of hefty challans under the Motor Vehicles Act made people go to bizarre lengths to avoid challans. As soon as news of people getting fined for not wearing a helmet inside a car (that was a mistake, of course), or not wearing a seat belt in an auto, came to forefront, some people actually started wearing helmets inside their cars.

But the Act did prove to be effective with the number of fines going down by a large percentage across various cities of the country.

Among people who left no chance for the traffic police to fine them, was a picture of a person traveling with his dog on a two-wheeler.