Dogra Front Shiv Sena warns of Jammu Bandh on December 3 Against Harassment of Shopkeepers


Dogra Front Shiv Sena has warned of a Jammu bandh on Friday while protesting against the Jammu Municipal Corporation. The Dogra Front Shiv Sena workers, who were protesting in the Rani Talab area of ​​the city, said that “the corporation is harassing the traders every day, which will not be tolerated. The corporation officers are doing arbitrary, and if the harassing the traders is not stopped, then the front will shut down Jammu on Friday”.

The demonstration was led by Dogra Front Shiv Sena President Ashok Gupta, and he said that “sometimes the teams of the corporation reach to break and seize shops and business establishments and sometimes they are drawing yellow lines outside the shops. The business has already suffered a lot due to covid. Still, the business is not back on track, but the corporation is still not allowing the shopkeepers to work”.

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During this, Ashok Gupta also demanded action against the corporation’s officials who broke the shop without permission in Nanak Nagar. Gupta said that “the officers of the corporation have started considering themselves above the law. They are neither following the rules nor the directions of the court. Whenever they come to the markets and run yellow paw anywhere, now the people of Jammu will not tolerate it. He said that the corporation had prepared a list of more than five hundred broken in the city. We warn the corporation that if even a single shop is damaged, it will not be okay. He also appealed to the Lieutenant Governor to stop the corporation from taking such action; otherwise, people would come on the streets in protest, worsening the situation”.