Dogra Sadar Sabha forms Political Affairs Committee to decide on J&K polls


JAMMU: The Dogra Sadar Sabha has formed a Political Affairs Committee, comprising of representatives from all parts of the Jammu province to decide the further course of action for the forthcoming elections in Jammu and Kashmir.

The Political Affairs Committee shall be comprising Dr N K Sharma, Col Dr Virendra K Sahi, Senior Journalist, P S Gupta, G D S Charak, G A Khawaja, S Hakumat Singh (Adv), Brig M S Jamwal, Dharamchand, Krishan Kumar and Raj Kumar Thapa as the Members.

The significant decision was taken during a special meeting of executive body of the Sabha, which was attended by the members representing all the districts of Jammu province and chaired by DSS president Thakur Gulchain Singh Charak.

The participating members expressed their disgust about prevailing political scenario of the State in general and Jammu province in particular, because of the self-centered, corrupt and dirty politics being played by various political parties for the last 70 years.

The DSS observed that the Dogra heritage is in shambles, the Dogra culture and its history is vanishing while beautiful tourist spots of Jammu have been totally ignored and there are no proper arrangements for the crores of pilgrims visiting this province.

“Age-old brotherhood of this Duggar Pradesh is in danger; the whole Dogriyat is under threat, demography overwhelmed by non Dogras including foreigners. Even due share in political power, job opportunities, educational growth and developmental opportunities are not available,” they alleged and stressed for a strong and forceful political decision.

After threadbare discussions, in consultation with the group of intellectuals and thinkers, the Sabha decided to come forefront and once again toe the lines as had been laid down years back by the founding fathers.

It was decided that this 115 years old first democratic political organisation of the State, shall fight for getting justice for the people of this beautiful State and it must not stay as a mute spectator and play its role for which it came into existence.

The prominent members among those who expressed their views in the meeting, included Prof N K Dogra, Col K S Jamwal, P S Gupta, Col Dr Virendra K Sahi, Gambhir Dev Singh Charak, Amanat Ali Shah, R S Slathia, Raj Kumar Thapa, Dharamchand, Sukhdev Singh and Krishan Kumar.

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