Dogs continue to be on biting spree in Kashmir

Dogs-continue-to-be-on-biting-spree-in-KashmirAlmost every day a new case of dog bite is being registered in the local hospitals. No one is being spared from this menace be it a kid, an adult or an elderly.

People of all age groups have suffered from dog threat at some point of time in here. The population of dogs in Kashmir is around 6 per cent of total human population.

Few days back a local was killed because of rabies and every other day school goers are bitten, suffering severe injuries. One can easily find 8 to 10 dogs in each locality however, the case of injuries in downtown area of Srinagar are more than anywhere else in Kashmir.

District administration however took an initiative to sterilize the dogs last year but it didn’t bring any noticeable change. An expert committee was also formed few months back lead by Divisional Commissioner to tackle the problem which is yet to bear the results.

By Lubna Reshi