‘Doli Armaanon Ki’ delivers pertinent message for women: Neha Marda

'Doli Armaanon Ki' delivers pertinent message for womenNeha MardaNew Delhi: Actress Neha Marda, who plays a girl faced with atrocities by her chauvinistic husband in “Doli Armaanon Ki”, believes the show gives out a positive message for women to encourage them to live life on their own terms.

The actress was recently in Kanpur to talk to a group of women about their basic rights in a marriage, and about women empowerment.

She said: “I believe we’re delivering a very relevant and pertinent social message through our show ‘Doli Armaanon Ki’.”

The show, aired on Zee TV, has so far captured Urmi’s life after marriage — how she enters wedlock with hopes, but sees them getting shattered with each passing day.

Her husband Samrat, played by Mohit Malik, is a male chauvinist with regressive and sexist views on the man-woman relationship. After seeing most of her dreams as a wife fall apart, Urmi faces domestic abuse at the hands of Samrat, who even cheats on her with another woman.

The show recently completed 200 episodes and it has reached a turning point where Urmi’s character decides that she will take no more and stands up for herself instead of staying trapped in a troubled marriage.

The talk was part of Zee TV’s initiative to have a countrywide series of symposiums addressing women on the subject of their basic rights in a marriage.


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