Don’t cripple the normal life by shutting down Jammu every day


Desolated streets, hooligans and vandals forcing down shutters, a hapless police looking on and a helpless common man getting torn between his responsibility towards his work and his safety considerations- This is the image of Jammu from the past one week. If we look back, Jammu has been subjected to witness such aggressive shutdowns for so many times regarding one reason or the other. Now, after the hopes dying once again, life has come to standstill one more time amid the shutdown called by

From the last five days, the daily life in Jammu has come to a halt. The education, commerce and transportation of the city has been thrown out of gear by the shutdown provoked by the ACC (AIIMS Coordination Committee). The fact of Bandh being a political hue is understood but for a common man, the matter narrows down to only one question- Are these Bandhs even helping us? Does the common man, who is facing the brunt of so called ‘development’, getting any respite after such vehement protests?

The answer is a clear ‘NO’.

There may be opinions that this is the lone way out from the indefinite discrimination Jammu has been facing from years and the protesters hold the view that there is no other way to attack an immune government. But what remains unheard and unattended is how the common man is getting tormented due to the shutdowns.The political leaders, trade unions and the associate organisations hardly care about the hardships that the common citizen is being forced to bear every time a Bandh is called. In India, which is said to be the largest democracy in the world, on a Bandh day even going out of our house  we need to think twice before getting out. How ironic!

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Consider the life of a vegetable vendor. He makes a living on daily basis. Every morning he gets up, goes out, earns his daily share & then he comes back home and feeds his family. He doesn’t have any back up, nor does he have any money saved in the bank.

A strike which has been high jacked by some political parties for their interests can’t be justified at any cost since they have nothing to do with the sufferings of the common masses and particularly, the loss being suffered by small businessmen. Bandhs are always politically motivated and, definitely, they are not the solution for any problem. This five days of bandh has resulted in a massive loss of revenue. Who will pay for it? None but the general public.

Resorting to ‘bandh’ is never a common man’s response. We have to understand that ‘bandh’ is not actually a protest; rather it is an opportunity for hooligans to have a field day.

Voices can be raised regarding an issue by other means too, rather than crippling the life of the common man which further burns his pocket as he has to spend more on a day when it is a ‘bandh’ to reach offices, schools, hospitals etc.

“The Supreme Court of India opposed against any sort of hooliganism in the name of ‘bandh’ in 1998”

Not even getting into the discussion on the viability of the demand for two of everything IIT, IIM, AIIMS in J&K, the logic for a call for a Bandh for something which has been assured by the Govt, shows a lack of concern for the People’s interests. It is yet another political drama in disguise.

The unnecessary Bandh call is a circus orchestrated by the Political Parties and hurts all the common citizens of Jammu- the young and old; students and daily wage earners; and last but not the least, many tourists who visit.

From City of Temples, Jammu has now become the city of Bandh.

AIIMS is not the only thing that Jammu needs. Jammu needs Clean Water, More Trees, A World Class University, Top Quality Schools, Inspiring Teachers, Organic Food, More Bicycles, More Playgrounds, Exercise Communities, Meditation, Yoga, Promoting Jammu as an International Tourist Destination – This is what we need more and I guess resorting to Jammu Bandh for all this is not worthwhile. 



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