Don’t play dirty politics on rubble says Dr. Nirmal Kamal


This is very unfortunate that some leaders from Congress and Kashmir based parties have started playing politics on devastation wrought by floods in the state by giving statements far away from the ground realities, stated BJP State Spokesperson Dr. Nirmal Kamal, in a hand out issued today. Referring to the recent statement of PDP Supremo that Central government has done very little for the flood victims and similar statements made by other leaders that what NDA has sent is not sufficient, Dr. Nirmal Kamal said that instead of appreciating the efforts of the Central government, Army and self-help groups, these leaders have started making malicious comments. In fact, these leaders went in hibernation during critical times faced by victims of flood fury in the state and now finding the situation improving by bits, they have regained strength of their vocal cords to spew bundles of lies to befool poor innocent public suffering from the wrath of the nature. Another Congress leader has mindlessly been demanding financial package from the Central government without realizing that the Prime Minister of the country was quick to announce unlimited financial assistance to the suffering public of the J&K state. Dr. Nirmal Kamal reminded all those who want to play politics on the ruins of the state and pathetic conditions of the public that Dr. Jitendra Singh MoS, PMO had repeatedly stated that there is no need of package when the Prime Minister of the country is committed to unlimited financial help to the victims of the natural calamity in the state.

She cautioned that just a month is gone by and some eccentric and opportunist people are back to create spurious literature impressing the public that the NDA government rescued very frail percentage of people in deluge and maximum help was rendered by youth of Kashmir only. Dr. Nirmal Kamal said that such literates have been responsible earlier also for selling spurious literature washing the minds of public and destroying the peace in the state by spreading totally fictitious stories far from the ground realities and now they are again on their obnoxious job. World has watched how Indian Army, everybody who happens to be anybody in NDA government and youth of Kashmir has selflessly rescued people in distress making political leadership in the valley irrelevant, asserted Dr. Nirmal Kamal.



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