Don’t send our women to Kashmir, outcries Panun Kashmir



The Panun Kashmir organization of displaced pandits has condemned the order of the Education Department to transfer women teachers belonging to the community to Kashmir on their promotion. The organization lashed out at the state government for issuing the order to transfer women teachers to the Valley knowing that conditions are not favourable and most of them have no place to live there. The decision, hence, is being termed discriminatory.

The organization said that the government is barely considering the safety and security of Pandits and the Education Department has adopted an averse attitude towards the employees, said Panun Kashmir chairman Ajay Chrungoo.

He alleged that the government failed to deal with the routine display of terror symbols and Pak flags and the minority community had always been the target of the majority community. The organization has appealed to human rights groups and democratic forces to mobilize public opinion to protect the rights of teachers who are being pushed into the Valley without consent.


Convenor Panun Kashmir, Agnishekhar said that the transfer order was a very calculated move to break the Pandit families who are still deprived of justice. The state government is just trying to coerce the community into moving back to Kashmir by subjecting our teachers to join services in such a hostile and communally fragile environment.