Do’s and Dont’s for JK Bank Relationship Executive Interview

JK Bank announced a tentative date for the RE Interviews earlier this week. While, students had been waiting for the news since long, this sudden announcement has landed the students in a tizzy.

JK Bank shortlisted 3,159 candidates after the written test which witnessed participation of around 39,000 candidates from Jammu and Kashmir. Last recruitment was in the year 2012 four years ago.

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JK Bank is one of the most prestigious institutes of the country, hence landing a job in the bank is no less child’s play. The post of Relationship executive in JK Bank is equivalent to Scale I Officer of any Nationalized Bank. While the remuneration provided at JK Bank is tightened for a couple of years, the post promises a great career to youth of the state in banking. Infact, the post was created only to empower the youth of the state on a modified set of terms and conditions. Interviews are the last lap and student’s are burning midnight oil to crack the interviews. So, U4UVoice brings you few tips that can help you in your preparation for JK Bank RE interviews:

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Be ready with a good introduction: The golden mantra is to prepare a good introduction. As, first impression is the last impression, in order to make a lasting impression, draft an introductory note comprising of your Name, Date of birth, address, previous qualification and professional experience.

Study your Resume well: Your resume will speak a lot about you as the questions asked by the interviewer will revolve around the data that you provide. Get thoroughly familiar with what you have revised to avoid any wrong answers. Only if you are well versed with the Resume, you will be confident to give a prompt response to whatever question comes your way. Your resume, thus , is your key to crack the RE Interview.

Be clear about the prospective Job: Before you appear for the interview, get the hang of what you are getting into. Make well researched notes about the organisation, it’s working, operations, latest deals, BODs, history etc. You must also be aware of the market price of the bank and the profits incurred by the banks in last few years. As, far as the role of RE is concerned, get in touch with a bank employee or previous RE’s so as to understand the work in depth. Get more details about the work culture in the bank and roles and responsibilities associated with the job. Also seek opinions as to how the working can be improved.

Basic Banking terms: It is quite likely that you will be asked about some basic banking concepts like Assets and Liabilities, Bank Rates, CRR, SLR, GST and the like. In the same way, questions on the Indian Banking system may be asked in which questions about the apex Bank RBI and other big nationalised banks like SBI, PNB, Canara Bank, etc may also be put forth. Those coming from educational backgrounds like Commerce, Economics, Management and the like are more likely to be asked the questions in detail.

Understand the Current Financial trends: Being in sync with the current affairs is of utmost importance, when appearing for an interview in banking sector, as it depicts your level of awareness. Modi government’s arrival in 2015 has brought innumerable financial schemes and initiatives such as PMJDY, APY, Gold Monetization, Insurance Security Schemes etc. The schemes aim to widen the scope of Financial Inclusion thereby extending the banking services to the poor. Read about all the schemes and be ready with an answer to any question that comes your way. Also, internalize the effect of these policies on the general public as to how and if they will benefit the country.

Read Business Page of a Local/National Paper daily: As the banking sector is the back bone of our economy, reading a business page will help you to get a rough idea of the banking operations and how other businesses’ pofit and loss effects the banking sector. Hence, it is always a good idea to grab a paper in free time and switch to it’s business page. Even skimming through the contents will prove to be of value to you at the RE Interviews.


  • Be confident: Once you are prepared, have faith in yourself
  • n the SEE formula, S Stands for smile, E for eye, and E for enthusiasm: Keep that smile intact, make eye contact with the interviewer, and keep your spirits high. Even if you don’t know an answer, clearly say “I haven’t heard of that Sir”. Don’t mumble words. Be smart and poised.
  • Dress aptly: If you are girl candidate, wear a kurta or a suit. Boys should wear formal shirt and pants.


  • Being too humble. Saying phrases like “you know”, “like a”, “I guess” and “Hmm”-
    Showing nervousness. Being too prepared. Blurting your answers out.
  • Ignore all the negative things about Bank job.
  • Being unprepared to the standard job interview questions.
  • Lying about your qualifications, experience and your knowledge.
  • Not showing enthusiasm/interest on the job. Sharing too much.


What is CIBIL ?
What are NPA?
What is Credit Rating ?
What is KYC and what’s it’s purpose ?
What is the difference between NEFT and RTGS ?
What kind of services a bank provides ?
What is mutual fund ?
What are various types of mutual fund ?
Which is the safest type of mutual fund ?
Which is the safest investment ?
What is value of Sensex, Gold, Dollar, Sterling Pound right now (Must read newspaper on the interview day)
If I give you Rs 10 lacs, what will you do with this money (Your answer should be – I will buy a house or I will pay off my education loan. Never say that I will start my business or something like that. It will be a deal breaker answer)
In case you get the job and you get the posting in Kerala or Bihar, will you join (Say yes with confidence)
Why we should give you this job ?
Why you want to work in a bank ?




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