Dowry murder or suicide? Family alleges murder; in-laws feign suicide


Jammu — In a tragic incident that claimed life a woman, Khushbir Kaur, aged 34, D/o Prof Hakim Singh  reportedly died on 13 March 2017. The deceased was a resident of Sainik Colony, Jammu where she lived with her in-laws.

The family members of the deceased woman are not convinced of the information that they have been provided by the in-laws. They have accused the ‘mothér-in-law’, Mohinder Kaur to be the main culprit of the alleged murder. It is pertinent to note that Khushbir was a mother of a 3-year old son. Her family believes that Khushbir couldn’t have committed suicide to her dismay, leaving her only child alone.

Reportedly, her family members informed that the death occurred in the morning at 9 am on 13 March 2017. But they received a phone call from Khushwinder’s father-in- law, Guruvachan Singh Bajwa much later at 12:17 pm who said, “Khushi marr gayi hai.” The family has alleged that her in-laws have strangled her to death following suspicious circumstances under which she was taken to Bakshi Nagar Hospital without even informing Khushi’s family.

Furthermore, Khushi’s in-laws denied conducting post-mortem, which could disclose the mystery behind her sudden death and brought her body home. Moreover, the home address provided by the in-laws to the hospital has been found to be incorrect in an attempt to mislead the police and the hospital authorities, as per the information obtained. Khushwinder’s family members came to know about this wrongdoing when police officials of the nearby Sainik Colony Police Chowki visited their house who had been informed by the hospital staff that a dead body was stolen from the hospital, taken away without authorization.

Khushbir Singh (34), MSc. MeD by education got married on 15th April 2013 which was an arranged match. After her marriage, she lived with her in-laws in Sainik Colony. The family of the deceased informed that her husband, Narinder Pal Singh Bajwa, an employee of Reliance Pvt. Ltd in Udhampur, told that he had no idea as he had went out to drop their kid to school for 10 minutes when Khushwinder committed suicide by hanging, as narrated to them.

The police registered the case under section 306, whereas the family members of the deceased have demanded to investigate the case from the murder angle, under Section 302. Reportedly, Khushwinder was not given food for two days, and it appeared that the victim was strangled to death. The family members informed that Khushwinder was being constantly harassed by her in-laws for dowry. Moreover, the family alleged that her in-laws are attempting to evade the murder case as Guruvachan Singh Bajwa, father-in-law of the deceased, is the brother of a well known PDP leader.

Dowry is an evil and everyone on surface agrees to that. Children grow up seeing family weddings where fancy ‘gifts’ are given away by the girls’ families and there is no shame in receiving this. Why will they imbibe what there is in the books?

Any girl’s parents would assume that a highly educated family should mean a good environment to live in, but a case such as this is proof that sometimes one can do nothing to save oneself from life!

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