Dr Jitendra Singh asks BJP to treat power as challenge, Jammu want party to recall promises


Union Minister in the PMO Dr Jitendra Singh today made it clear to the BJP leadership, and those in the state government to be assertive in their roles, and to focus on fulfilling the aspirations of the people rather than being apologetic for sharing power with the PDP. Singh said that BJP leaders should treat this opportunity as a challenge, and work hard to meet the expectations of the people who have voted the party into power. He was speaking at the concluding day of the state working committee meeting which was organized ostensibly to placate the BJP local leadership over the Masarat Alam issue, and subsequent protests in Kashmir which witnessed Pakistani flag being hoisted in Srinagar.

BJP said Singh could not have shunned the responsibility which was given to it by people due to sheer virtue of numbers in the assembly. “We should always keep in mind the great sacrifices made by our forefathers and do justice to the responsibilities that devolve on us,” Singh said. He also described the rise of BJP to power in both centre, and the state to the fact that people wanted things to happen which were considered day dream, perhaps pointing to issues like abolition of Article 370, and several related issues. He also said that coalition government is the only way forward in the current political situation. Deputy CM Nirmal Singh also assured party workers that coalition government would take all steps to ensure that transparent, accountable, and responsible administration is made possible to the people.

Meanwhile, the BJP workers as well as people of Jammu who voted for the BJP have started asking questions as to why the party has suddenly gone on the defensive. The voters are asking why the party is not able to rein in partner PDP which has taken certain decisions which were completely in disregard with what the BJP ideology stands for. The BJP which was promising the West Pak migrants that their demands will be met has backtracked, and now the ball will be most likely in the court of a government committee whose terms of reference are known to none. The issue of delimitation has been brushed aside, and there is no hope that Jammu will ever get it’s due share of assembly seats. The issue of Dogra certificate bas been buried into the ground much to the chagrin of the Dogras who voted the party to power. The party also agreed to the decision of the state government to shift the promised AIIMS to Srinagar whereas it was promised to be set up in Jammu.

There are several instances where the party has given a short shrift to the cause of the people of Jammu while PDP is leaving no stone unturned to perpetuate the dominance of Kashmir in the state. If this does not stop the BJP might soon find few takers in Jammu and that would be a major dent to the party in the long run.

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