Dr Vaishali Gupta From PGI Chandigarh Hailing From Jammu Makes India Proud


JAMMU, Apr 09:Dr Vaishali Gupta, daughter of Late Smt & Sh Prakash Nath Gupta , of KaliJanni , an alumnus of Government Medical College,Jammu who is presently the Professor and Head of Retina ,at Advance Eye Centre, PGI Chandigarh has done India proud in a major breakthrough study with regard to formulating and developing a consensus in laying down the guidelines for the treatment of Tuberculosis of the eye.

Dr Vaishali who headed the Global Collaborative Ocular TB Project (COTS) as principal investigator that included leading ophthalmologists from 25 countries including USA, UK, Germany, Singapore and many other EU countries published a series of research papers n findings on the subject .The project investigators after drawing a broad framework collected real time data from the Eye Centre’s of member countries which was then analysed in the light of artificial intelligence at Centres in India, London n Singapore.

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The area of treatment for TB of the eye n the guidelines were hitherto without any global consensus ..

The resultant data shows that around 86 percent of patients have cured or majorly benefited from the findings .

The guidelines are presently in the process of adoption in various countries of the world as per the established protocol of the respective nations…