Dr Zahir Gilani, ex-GMC Principal accidently goes to office:


Jammu — On 14th March 2017, Health & Medical Education Department of the JK Govt.  had terminated the tenure of Dr. Zahid Gilani as Principal of Government Medical College (GMC) Jammu. He is succeeded by the Head of the Anatomy department Dr Sunanda Raina. Dr Zahid had taken over as Principal on December 3, 2015 from Dr Ghanshyam Dev Gupta who was removed within 20 months after having taken over on April 25, 2014.


But reportedly today (16 March), in a funny incident, rumours say that Dr. Zahir Gilani walked into the Principal’s office of Govt Medical College, Jammu (GMC) and resumed the day at the Principal’s desk completely unaware of the recent development that officially ended his 15-month run as the Principal of GMC.


There are no confirmed reports of why this had occurred but reports suggest that Dr. Zahir had come to the medical institution presuming he’s the Principal, apparently. Later on, the staff at the medical college informed him upon which he became aware that he no longer holds this office.

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