Interesting dress code for teachers in kathua


Kathua, May 15: Kathua teachers will have to turn up in attires “appropriate to their profession” to the school. The teachers have been barred from wearing T-shirt, jeans, eight pocket pants, flip-flops and sleeveless suits. As per the circular issued by Kathua Chief Education Officer (CEO), Balbir Singh, teachers of all government schools have been advised to be dressed in an appropriate manner.

The step has been taken taking in purview the recent dressing of the teachers, which was not professional. “During my visit to different schools, it has been observed that some lecturers, masters and teachers are seen wearing dresses which did not suit their personalities. A teacher is a role model to society. Society and students always admire a teacher and try to imitate him or her,”, read the circular issued by the CEO. “As such, keeping in view their important role among students and in society, they are advised to wear proper dresses which influence students and society. The Kathua Deputy Commissioner noted the dress code circular on his visit to one school,” read the circular issued on May 12.

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