Drive With Caution: 10 Road Signs that you can only spot in J&K


Rash and careless driving continue to be the leading cause of road accidents, and while enough has been said and written about driving safely, sometimes these issues need to be addressed with some humour. Ok, a lot of humour.

Here’s the list of our favourite road signs from across the country that are so funny that they actually have the potential to slow one down. Imagine there’s someone out there whose only job must be to think of these hilarious puns.

1. High After a Party?



2. The ‘Punny’ one!

3. True Story

4. Highway to hell!


6. Dread the Red

7. Precaution is anyday better than cure

8. An eye-opener for when you get lazy during long journeys

9. Would you dare to drive fast after reading this?

10. Mind it, Daa!

11. The Rhyming one!

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