Drones to deliver Pizza to your houses in Mumbai


Sky’s the new limit for pizza delivery in Mumbai! A pizza outlet in the city has recently successfully tested a drone delivery. However, it would still take some time before it is used routinely to deliver pizzas, as currently, such a system of air delivery does not have the government’s approval.
According to a spokesperson of Francesco’s Pizzeria, the test-flight was done on May 11 from the outlet’s branch at Phoenix Mill Compound at Lower Parel in Mumbai to Worli. The 3-km distance was covered in about 10 minutes, which was about one-third of the deadline for delivery.
Besides saving time, it is also economical as the copter drones consume only about 65 watts for an 8-km flight. “The current system of delivery through motorcycles is very cost-intensive as it includes fuel costs, bike maintenance and salary for the delivery boys. If drones are used for delivery, it could bring down our operation costs a lot,” a spokesperson of the outlet said.drone quadraptor pizza
On an average, there are about 150 outdoor deliveries for pizza at each of its two outlets. Besides the Phoenix Mill compound, the two-year-old enterprise is located at the one of the most upmarket locations in Mumbai, Kemps Corner.
The idea to test-flight the pizza delivery drone was Francesco’s Pizzeria chief executive Mikhel Rajani’s who was inspired by Amazon’s recent test-flight of the drone to deliver goods ordered on its online portal. Rajan took the help of Fahad Azad of Robotsoft Systems, to put together the copter drone for the test flight.
This drone is capable of carrying loads of up to 1-kg.