The target of Drug Mafia in Jammu: Rich Kids



They are given drugs as gifts at first. They are given drugs as gifts for the second time too. The kick of ecstasy affected by the strong potency of Heroin sends these young prey of teenagers into a world they start believing to be real. This is how it starts.

An investigation by the Jammu and Kashmir police has thrown disturbing facts out in the open where the main targets of the drug peddlers are the very young teenagers who are merely school-going children. The first few free gifts are enough to screen out the prospective addicts and the drug-peddlers then start charging huge sums of money from these children. The J&K Police has time and again confirmed that the peddlers cautiously identify children from well-to-do families as the other related problems do not come up.

The related problems for instance are chain snatching, muggings, stealing, pilfering etc which act as signals for the police. The drug-peddlers have changed their mode of operation by sticking to the rich kids as money does not become an issue.


Last year’s prices for a single gram of Heroin ranged between Rs 6,000 and Rs 10,000.

At the drug-rally this sunday, an uninvited woman had reached the venue to describe the tale of her son who has fallen victim to the menace. It was just another proof of the the deep inroads the intricate system devised by peddlers had made in Jammu.

Also, drug addiction is not just limited to boys. Girls are not behind here but normally do not get noticed. The very infamous case of Divya Manhas, who died last year due to drug overdose set the alarms off for the society in Jammu because it was not an isolated case.

Another disturbing incident came out in open where a family in the Sanjay Nagar locality of Jammu city revealed that their son, who is a student of Class V, has become a drug addict. The thinner of whiteners is commonly used as an inhaler that in turn blocks blood flow to brain allowing a short-lived but potent kick.

A senior police official in the Narcotics Control says, “Many teenage deaths do not even come to light as parents try covering up drug addiction due to the social prejudices associated.”

As quoted by The Tribune – The officer, who is working for crackdown on drug mafia in the Jammu region, said children of well-to-do families were especially targeted as these kids could spend huge amounts.

“Last month during a routine checking, policemen caught two boys along with teenaged girls consuming heroin in an SUV,” he said, adding that occurrence of such incidents had become a routine affairs in the city and its outskirts.

“Earlier, some cough syrups were used, but now a days youth in Jammu and its suburbs are addicted to heroin, code name ‘chitta’,” he said.

Investigation conducted by the police revealed that “chitta” was being supplied from Delhi through Himachal Pradesh and Punjab as the drug mafia had a well-connected network in the northern states.

It has already been reported that the drug mafia has been active in Jammu and Kashmir for five years but the authorities woke up from deep slumber only after the case of Divya Manhas came to light. Highly placed officials in police maintain, however, that the drug mafia is politically well-connected and some policemen were also involved in the business.

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