Drunk Cop Beaten in Full Public View; Video Goes Viral (Watch Video)

PATRAN: The video of an allegedly drunk cope being beaten in public view after he was accused of making advances towards an Amritdhari (baptised) Sikh girl on board a bus in Sangrur district has gone viral. Assistant sub-inspector Didar Singh of Government Railway Police (GRP) was beaten after he allegedly harassed the girl on board a Pepsu Road Transport Corporation (PRTC) bus going from Sangrur to Patran on Friday evening.

ASI Didar started misbehaving with the girl and asked her why she was wearing the kirpan. He allegedly told the girl they generally got the kirpans and kachhehras (worn by baptised Sikhs) removed in the police stations. He allegedly held the girl’s hand and forced her to sit along with him.

Taking exception to Didar’s behaviour, other passengers in the bus confronted him. One of the passengers, Jaswinder Singh, got up and the two got into a scuffle. While the girl got down at a stop near her village en route, the cop and other passengers continued to hurl abuses at one another. When the bus stopped at Patran, Jaswinder got hold of Didar and thrashed him. Didar even fell in muddied pothole and spoiled his clothes as some of the bystanders started capturing the moment in a video.

In the video, Jaswinder is seen alleging that the cop had used foul language against the girl and Sikh religious symbols. While the cop listened with hands on his waist for some time, he suddenly challenged Jaswinder who hit him as he was thrown down. Also, Didar is seen getting up shakily allegedly under the influence of alcohol after being hit.

Meanwhile, eyewitnesses are seen taking Jaswinder away and Didar is seen looking for his turban and walking away from the crowd.

When contacted, the girl said that the policeman, who was his father’s age, questioned her religion and misbehaved. “I did not retaliate as he was senior to me, but I demand that justice must be served,” she said. The girl was returning to her native village from Sunam and had boarded the bus from Mehla Chowk in Sangrur.

As the video went viral on the social media, Delhi’s Rajouri Garden MLA Manjinder Singh Sirsa said, “If this is how Amritdhari women would be treated in Punjab, where else will they feel secure? I am urging chief minister Amarinder Singh to take the strictest possible action against the cop.”

Patran station house officer (SHO) Aman Pal Singh said as no formal complaint had been lodged in the matter, no case was registered. He, however, said the matter was being looked into by the police.