Due to shortfall in power purchase budget J&K could face power crisis in winter


A massive power crisis is awaiting Jammu and Kashmir as the annual budget for purchase of power is far less than the consumption in the state which witnesses a rise in demand even in winter months. The ending months of the fiscal year particularly see higher demand and with enough budget not provisioned there could be again be a electricity crisis which Jammu underwent in summers.

The state power development department (PDD) is likely to face a shortfall of Rs 1800 cr for purchasing electricity as almost 70 per cent of the budget has already been spent on purchasing electricity in the first five months of this fiscal. PDD is reported to have already spent 2800 cr by August this year. As per experts, Jammu and Kashmir will have to spend almost 6000 cr for purchasing electricity to provide adequate supply across the state. However there is a massive gap between the budgeted provisions for purchase, and the amount of money needed to supply power. The difference in budget and actual need is almost 1800 cr which is a huge amount, and likely to result in a big shortage in the coming months.

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Jammu already has suffered badly during the summers with electricity supply failing to serve the people during the hot months which led to numerous protests, and demonstrations. Despite this there has been little change in the attitude of the government, and it has no game plan for managing the shortfall of power except letting people suffer due to lack of electricity.

Although a couple of new power projects are likely to become operational in the state but these would not be able to meet the shortfall.