The dug up roads in the region leading to accidents and traffic jams


By CJ Amaya

The city roads are going from bad to worse as the telecom major Reliance Jio is busy laying optical fibre in the region for the past six months. The dug up roads in the city are making the two wheelers even more prone to accidents. Also, they are causing more frequent traffic jams, even in the prominent areas of the region. The roads are already improperly lit and then it becomes even harder to commute during late evening or night, especially the two wheelers are more prone. This further leads to accidents too.


If the digging work is carried out in phases, no one would object but the workers have started digging all the roads at the same time and we are not even left with any alternate route. The telecom firm started installing optical fibre in Jammu last year, during June and has subsequently dug numerous roads. It has been over seven months now and no damaged road has been black topped yet. The roads in the dug up areas were already congested and narrow and now that most of them have been dug up, the roads have become worse. The long traffic jams, frequent road accidents are irking the resident of the areas and also the commuters. We have also tried reaching the official department but they have been delaying our please stating no concrete reasons. The telecom department should either be instructed to hurry up the work or the department should instruct them to blacktop some of the roads as we have been managing for quite a long now but now that all the roads have been dug up in my area, it is causing all of us difficulty to commute on a daily basis.

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