Dulat only confirming what is common knowledge in J&K that terrorism is a big business


Terrorist Hideout Busted by Delta Force at Kishtwar todayFormer RAW chief Dulat’s revelation is coming too late because every one in the state of Jammu and Kashmir knows that terrorism, and militancy has become a well oiled business in which everyone including the politicians, the separatists, the bureaucracy have a state which may or may not be equal in this high stake game.
However Dulat confirms what was earlier only a conjecture among the aam Janta which does not feature much in the scheme of strategic games played at the highest levels by government, and politicians aided by intelligence officials like the e-RAW chief. It is good that Dulat finally had the courage to come out with some revelations some of which are startling to the country but wont cause any stir in the state as this is a common knowledge in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Dulat has made it clear that Indian agencies have paid money to militants, separatists, mainstream politicians as well as political parties in Kashmir valley as it is done across the world. In fact the Indian government often paid for the health care and trips of hardened separatists of valley, and kept in touch with both militants, and politician. He also claimed that top Hizbul commander Syed Salahudin was ready to switch to Indian side but the deal could not materialize. Money in the valley was used to counter the ISI, and to ensure that people listened to them as ISI left no stone unturned to vitiate the atmosphere, claims the former intelligence chief.

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