Dussehra Celebrations across Jammu


================================================================================================Time: 6:00PM


Splendorous spectacle of Burning Ravana down to ashes at Gandhi nagar, Jammu

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Ravana ignites in flames as Lord Rama shoots an arrow through his heart presenting a spectacular view at Prade Ground. Dy. CM Nirmal Singh was the CM at Parade ground festival of Ravan dahan.img-20161011-wa0064 img-20161011-wa0059 img-20161011-wa0058

Dusshera at Gandhi Nagar 6 Dusshera at Gandhi Nagar 8 Dusshera at Gandhi Nagar 1 Dusshera at Gandhi Nagar 4 Dusshera Pics at Parade Ground Jammu (17) Dusshera Pics at Parade Ground Jammu (15) Dusshera at Gandhi nagar 3

Here are the live videos for you:


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