Dusshera preparations in full Swing at Srinagar


Srinagar, 21 October: U4UVoice had reported yesterday about how a team of 50 men led by Mohammad Rehan has been giving bringing to life the celebrations of Dusshera in more than 10 districts of Jammu an Kashmir for about 35 years now.

The contract that Mohammad Rehan’s father had entered with Dharmarth trust is the reason why large numbers in Srinagar also enjoy the one day fire-cracker extravaganza on Vijayadashmi.

For many years, the Dusshera festivities were organized at Iqbal park (formerly Huzuri Bagh). The park currently is an undertaking of JK Bank and is under renovation and so the venue has been changed to Polo grounds this year.

The men, (in images) installing the figurines of Ravana, Kumbhkarna and Meghnada belong to Mohammad Rehan’s team. This year the celebrations can be witnessed at Polo Grounds tomorrow at about 5: 30pm.


Dusshera in Srinagar (1)  Dusshera in Srinagar (2)  Dusshera in Srinagar (5)  Dusshera in Srinagar (6)