Duty Comes First! ‘Viral IG’ Rath Reacts to Girl’s Facebook Post, Here’s What He Said


A debate of sorts was stirred when a girl called ‘VIRAL IG’ Basant Rath the ‘Worst Person Ever’ in her facebook post.

Though his unusual style of policing is winning over fans and attracting controversies. But Jammu and Kashmir’s new traffic-in-charge Basant Rath seemed utterly fazed by this woman’s post.

The girl had compalined about his crass remarks when she and her daughter approached the IG for the daughter idolized Rath’s style of working and wanted to meet him but apparently the crude attitude of officer offended the mother-daughter duo.

The Girl’s post went VIRAL on Social Media to the extent of garnering over 3K likes and hundreds of shares.

The IG couldn’t help but react to this saying : ‘Please go find a better hero. I’m not here to sell tablets of heroism.’

Here’s What Basant Rath Said in Retaliation to Girl’s Remarks:

An this post of his as always led to more opinins and views coming o the limelight. Here are a few for your refrence:


Talking about working through controversies surrounding him, Rath thinks being hated and misunderstood only helps his cause.

“It gives me free publicity. Then it saves my time as they avoid coming my way. It also gets me more love from those hating people who hate me,” he laughs.

“It also makes me a good story.”

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