Dy CM for propagating teachings of saints, seers

JAMMU, APRIL 26- While highlighting the role of saints, seers in propagating the concept of universality and oneness, the Deputy Chief Minister Dr Nirmal Singh today said that the need of the hour is to religiously follow the teachings especially in today’s context where materialism,other pursuits are taking us away from spirituality and humanism.
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The Deputy Chief Minister was speaking at a function organized by Acharya Abhinav Gupt Shatabadi Samaroh Samiti at Jammu Club held in connection with celebrating the contribution of Acharya Abhinav Gupt, the world renowned Kashmiri intellectual and philosopher.
The function was attended by galaxy of intellectuals, writers and researchers.
The Deputy Chief Minister said that the need of the hour is to propagate the teachings of the great intellectuals and writers among the people especially the younger generation. He said that due care needs to be taken for preservation of our rich cultural heritage and the thoughts among the posterity, so that they can come to know about our glorious past and also draw inspiration from it.
Dr. Singh while referring to the Kashmiri Shivaite Philosophy said that the importance and the relevance of this school of thought has been acknowledged globally by the well-known intellectuals and researchers. He said that the need of the hour is to ensure its proper propagation especially in the today’s context.
Referring to the contribution of Abhinav Gupt in Philosophy and Aesthetics, the Deputy Chief Minister said that the intellect and the works of this great Kashmiri Philosopher is widely acknowledged and he has created a niche for himself in the cultural history of the Indian Sub-Continent. He said that necessary steps should also be taken to bring forth the works and contribution of this great son of the soil, so that more people get to know about his historical contribution.
Responding to the demands of the members of the organization regarding setting up of an Acharya Abhinav Gupt Centre, the Deputy Chief Minister said that he would take the matter with the concerned so that it comes up as a State of Art Centre for Research and higher studies.
The Deputy Chief Minister also released the book on the life and works of Acharya Abhinav Gupt.

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