Dysfunctional STP plants polluting Dal, Nigeen lakes for last 2 years


It is shocking but true that it is not the civilian population but the government agencies itself which are major polluters of the Dal, and Nigeen lakes in the heart of Srinagar. With the treatment plants set by to treat sewage not working or incomplete the authorities have diverted the sewage directly into the lakes.

A committee formed by Jammu and Kashmir High Court has observed in it’s report that although the people have diverted the sewage to the drains constructed by government agencies but the failure of STPs has forced the sewage to be passed directly into the lakes thus aggravating the problem.

For the the last two years, the sewage from one part of the city has been diverted to western shore of the Nageen lake through a drain built by Lakes and Waterways Development Authority (LAWDA). The untreated sewage has turned the lake into a cesspool, and unless steps are taken soon the problem would become irreversible. A government hospital has also come up close to the lake without permission from the lake authority. Not only this there are are number of illegal structures which have come along the lake but nothing has been done by the lake authority to remove them. The report says that these constructions further add to the encroachments, and pollution which needs to be curbed immediately.

Apart from this commercial operations, hotels, and shops have been built close to lake area which violate the rules and regulation. However, the report also says that primary focus of government should be to immediately make the sewerage treatment plants functional so that the degradation of lakes can be stopped immediately.


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