E-shopping experience altered with alteration services


e shoppingNew Delhi:  Are you a compulsive online shopper but worry about the right size? Fret not if your latest buy doesn’t fit well! Fashionara.com has gone a step forward to bring the convenience of alterations at their customers’ doorstep.

The Bangalore-based fashion and lifestyle e-store has introduced the ‘Alterations’ service, and an official says “those who have used it are truly delighted”.

A free-of-cost service that takes no more than 48 hours without the customer having to step out of home, the service is aimed at increasing the personalisation quotient and convenience level.

Talking about the concept, Arun Sirdeshmukh, co-founder and CEO, Fashionara.com, said: “You would be surprised to know that almost 70 percent of the trousers/jeans bought at a typical departmental store goes in for alteration. What about customers who buy trousers online? How will they get trousers altered? Why should an online shopper be denied this service?

“In fact, to force an online shopper to go out and find a tailor, goes against the whole grain of ‘shop from home’ convenience promised by ecommerce. By offering our customers this service, we ensure that their transaction remains completely free of any offline hassles.”

It is a clutter breaking move on the part of Fashionara.com for the online shopping industry, where features like ‘Try@Home’ and ‘Instant Exchange’ are driving sales.

It makes the ‘Alterations’ service possible by having a team of ‘Delivery Champs’ who are empowered to do more than mere delivery.

“We’ve trained our logistics team to achieve a lot more than traditional e-commerce delivery systems. Our ‘Delivery Champs’ wait for the customers to try the product. If the product needs any alteration, the champs are equipped with the knowledge to take measurements.

“After taking measurements, the champs bring the product back to Fashionara warehouse where our tailors alter it to suit the requirement. The altered product is then delivered to the customer,” explained Sirdeshmukh.

The service is currently being offered in Mumbai, Bangalore, NCR, Hyderabad and Pune.

Sirdeshmukh believes that the “fashion and lifestyle category needs a very different level of service compared to most other categories”.

“The idea is also to make shopping online a better experience than even shopping in malls. E-commerce should not just mean shopping online it must virtually entail getting the store like experience, right at home,” he said.

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