Economics postgrad fails to write five lines on macroeconomics


Srinagar, 28 September: A Confession made by an employee of Planning and Statistical Department about purchasing his degree certificates will open a new box of worms as the State High Court today sought information from the State Government on appointments made during last 20 years in the Department.

This information was sought after one of the employees of the Planning and Statistical Department confessed before the court that he has obtained his Post Graduation in Economics against the huge payment towards Manav Bharti University.

The High Court has sought details of all employees in the Planning and Statistical Department who were appointed in the last 20 years after having obtained degrees through study centres, which the court termed as ‘tuck shops’.

The orders came after a candidate with a postgraduate degree in economics, awaiting formal appointment order for post of junior statistical assistant today failed to write the word “macroeconomics” properly after being asked by the High Court.

In his petition, the candidate, whose name has not been provided, had prayed along with other petitioners that respondents be directed to issue formal appointment orders in their favour and appoint them on the posts of junior statistical assistant.

The government respondents had joined the issue about the degree certificate of the petitioners on the ground that the university which had issued the degree was not recognised with the UGC or state government.

The writ petitioners, including the said candidate, had placed on record the marks cards of MA in economics.

“The final year examination is shown to have been held in June 2012. The certificate is issued by Manav Bharti University. Doubts about the capability of the candidate in question to have passed the exam arose when he could not speak in English,” the Bench said today.


“He was asked to write five lines about advanced macroeconomics, the subject he has qualified and secured 72 out of 100 marks. He could not write the name of the subject properly. For macro, he has written micro,” it added.

On the directions of the High Court, a question was drafted by Hashim Hussain, Deputy Advocate General. “What is the difference between monetary economics and physical economics? Give the difference in five lines,” he was asked.
“Despite copying from the material which was with the petitioner, he has not been able to differentiate between the two,” the Bench said.

Sensing trouble, the candidate, at this stage, submitted that he should be permitted to withdraw the petition for appointment and his statement was taken on record.

“The request of the petitioner for the dismissal of the petition on his behalf as withdrawn is dismissed at this stage.

Since he has stated at Bar that he has obtained the certificate through some study centre and has paid a huge amount, so in order to find out as to how many such certificates in such subject have been issued by these study centres, tuck shops, and how adversely their activities have affected the vital interests of the state, it is deemed appropriate at this stage to direct the Chief Secretary of the state to provide following information,” the High Court observed.

“How many candidates in the Planning and Statistical Department have been appointed in 20 years who obtained degrees through study centres?” the High Court asked in its directions.

It asked the Chief Secretary of the state to furnish “the full particulars of such persons, their date of appointment and post, present posting” within two weeks.

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