Education department bans private tuitions by Govt teachers in Kashmir Valley

coachingIn a move to check the increasing culture of tuitions in the state, the Education department in Kashmir has banned private tuitions by government teachers, and decided to take strict action against those violating those rules. All Chief Education Officers have been asked to implement this rule strictly, and conduct checks at private tuition centres to ensure that the ban is imposed in letter and spirit.

In fact a committee of officials has been formed to monitor the punctuality of the staff, and this order has been issued after instructions from the state education minister after complaints poured in that government teachers are forcing students to join private tuition while no effort is made to teach pupil in schools. The government in fact is planning to provide school buildings, and other premises to uneducated youth who want to run tuition centres or start evening classes in winters.

The education minister wants to provide an opportunity to unemployed young men holding high degrees to earn livelihood. Youth who want to run a tuition centre would have to pass a test to be conducted by the education department.

Even as the education department has taken this important decision in Kashmir it remains to be seen how it implements in the valley because teachers are never going to deliver the goods unless they are motivated. Lack of accountability, and responsibility has been the permanent problem in this sector which has led to mushrooming of private sector, and failure of government schools to educate the masses.

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