Education Department introduces a new teacher friendly policy to rejuvenate the Department


The Education Department has proposed two or three year tenure for teachers at a particular school and no mid-term transfers will be allowed. In a draft policy that is aimed at redesigning and rejuvenating the entire education system by streamlining the working of the Department, it has also been decided to provide special consideration in genuine transfer cases of officials. The draft however, also agrees on inter district transfers of female teachers.

Education Minister Naeem Akhtar said that the policy is teacher friendly and has been aimed at giving security to the teaching community.

With over 24000 government schools, J&K has 1.43 lakh teachers. The annual budget for these schools is Rs. 5400 crore as per official data reports, out of which 50 per cent is spent on the salary component of the teaching community. There have been allegations on the department that transfers and postings of teachers were being run as a racket across the state. Despite a high budget, the system had evoked serious criticism from the civil society. So far, the frequent transfers of teachers had been hampering the progress of the Education Department, especially when the transfers were being made mid-term. The proposed draft suggests that the transfers will take place during a specific time frame only.

The draft reads, “In order to maintain constancy during the academic session there shall be no midterm transfers. Ordinarily, the schedule for transfers in Summer Zone (Jammu region) shall be April 1 to June 30 and in the Winter Zone (Kashmir region) from November 1 to January 31.”

In Ladakh however, the transfers shall be in accordance with the policy laid down by the Ladakh Affairs Department. The draft further said the tenure of teachers at a particular school would ordinarily be two years and maximum three years.

The new teacher friendly policy would also provide certain special considerations. “In case of marriage, inter cadre transfer of a female official shall be allowed, provided they have served five years in their parent cadre,” reads the draft.


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