Education minister caught ‘cheating’ in J&K Legislative Assembly


‘Chahcha’ Naeem Akhtar whatsapping away amidst LA proceedings

There are countless photographs doing the rounds online of MLAs dozing off or napping in Rajya Sabha. The latest image, clicked by our photo-journalist is that of J&K education minister, Naeem Akhtar, not sleeping but whiling time away in famous messaging software, whatsapp. The question is, Is whatsapp ruining our education system?

‘Chahcha’ Naeem Akhtar is seen whatsapping away, while the education system of J&K is in shambles. The photo was taken while the assembly members were discussing the budget announced by Dr Haseeb Drabu in yesterday’s session. Looks like Dr. Akhtar is satisfied with the budget and has no qualms nonetheless.

While the education sector in Jammu and Kashmir has announced bounty of modernisation facilities, not much activity has been seen on ground. The education system is still in shambles or ever worse. In 2016, more than 33 schools in Srinagar were burnt, unrest costed education of children of valley, mass cheating in JK BOSEexams are some of the many issues hampering eduacation cenario in J&K. Alas! Dr. Akhtar either seems to be oblivious or complaescent of the happenings in education sector.


Looks like all the modernisation plans being introduced in J&K education department are learnt from whatsapp forwards itself.

While we are totally clueless, what Dr. Akhtar was upto, we just hope students don’t take cue from ‘chacha’ Naeem Akhtar and resort to similar tactics to cheat in the exam.