Education Minister Tosses Coin To Decide Place of Posting of Teachers



When Punjab minister decided posting order by tossing coin

Chandigarh, February 13, 2018: Punjab Technical Education minister Charanjit Singh Channi has set a new trend of administrative decision-making.


In a first, he issued a posting order in his department after deciding the matter by tossing a coin.

“I have done anything wrong. There were two claimants for one post and decided to issue order in favour of one on the basis of toss,” he told

The matter pertained to issuing of posting orders of newly recruited Mechanical Lecturers in the state Technical Education institutions. There were total 37 lecturers selected for the purpose. But there was a deadlock between two lecturers. Both wanted to be posted at Bareta. So the minister made final decision by tossing of coin.

Fairly speaking, the minister deserves credit for taking initiative of asking the lecturers about their preferences of stations where they wanted to be posted.

It would be interesting to watch whether this method is resorted to by other departments in similar situations.

Channi has been in the news in the past as well for his academic pursuits as a minister, riding an elephant and constructing an approach path to his official residence through a public park.

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