Eight months of PDP-BJP and Six failed promises


With an agenda to provide good governance, the most talked about alliance between Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) took shape in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It has been eight months since the formation of government and there have been multiple times that speculations rose that the alliance is on the verge of collapsing; courtesy – Diagonally opposite ideologies of both the parties.

Mufti Nirmal

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Following is the list of promises made by the ministers of both the parties in the coalition which have not been fulfilled as yet.

1. Recruitment on Fast Track Basis

The Promise: In an announcement made by the official spokesman for the government, Naeem Akhtar, the state government in July this year implemented a new policy for making recruitment on a fast track basis in the government department. With this policy, the govt decided to recruit 7,500 people under the new rules on a fast-track basis in four months. Under the new rules, the appointees will be regularised after five years of “satisfactory service”.

The Result: The two recruiting agencies — the Services Selection Board (SSB) and the J&K Public Service Commission (PSC) were given charge of completing the selection process. But the deadline set by the government for fast-tracking the recruitment expired on October-end and not even a single recruitment was made under this ” Fast-track recruitment” policy. This has been confirmed by an official of SSB who said that the agency have advertised 3,735 divisional and district cadre posts and the process has begun but not completed. On the other hand, the J&K Public Service Commission has said that they have already started fast-tracking the recruitment of the advertised post, but under the new rules, the government has not referred even a single post to PSC.

2. A Transparent Government

The Promise: The coalition government during its formation promised of making its three institutions of probity — State Accountability Commission, Vigilance Commission and State Information Commission — transparent and accountable.

The Result: So far, these have remained ineffectual. SAC does not exist on ground and is headed by the Deputy Inspector General of police and is mandated to investigate over the complaints of corruption against public government functionaries, including the Chief Minister. It was formed once in 2003 during the tenure of PDP-Congress government.  Apart from SAC, SIC is also facing neglect. Although the government fired 63 officials against whom there were charges of corruption in order to fulfill promise of transparent government but it also came under fire recently for appointing a few tainted officials to key posts.

3. Irrigation and flood control

The Promise: The government had promised to take immediate measures to save Kashmir from the 2014-like floods.

The Result:  It, however, failed to take any concrete measures, including dredging of the Jhelum.

4. Bringing back major power projects

The Promise: Dr. Nirmal Singh, who is the Deputy Chief Minister of the state during one of his rallies promised to bring  back the Dulhasti and Uri power projects from the National Hydroelectric Power Corporation and also to constitute the Board of Directors of state’s only revenue generating public-sector undertaking, State Power Development Corporation

The Result:  As confirmed by the officials working in the Power Development Department, no tangible measures fulfill these promises have been taken so far.

5. Reforms in Financial Sector

The Promise: Haseeb Drabu, former economist and now state’s Finance Minister was also seen boasting of initiating reforms in the state’s finance sector to revive the ailing economy.

The Result:  There has been no major turnaround in the sector.

6. Polythene Free Villages

The Promise: Rural Development Minister Abdul Haq Khan had promised to make the villages polythene-free.

The Result:  No such initiative has been taken so far.