Mumbai : Elderly couple drinks soup offered on train, faints, finds Rs4 lakh missing

Mumbai, Aug 10 : Two unidentified men drugged an elderly couple from Thane on an Udipi-bound train on Monday. Once the couple fell unconscious, the men stole Rs4 lakh from them.

Railway protection force (RPF) officers said this was the fourth time an elderly couple had been robbed using the same modus operandi on the same train.

Police said Sanjeeva Shetty, 61, and his wife Rathna, 56, boarded the Matsyagandha Express on Sunday afternoon. As Rathna suffered from neurological disorders, the couple planned to seek treatment at a hospital in Manipal. This was their second such trip after they travelled to Manipal in May.

RPF officers said the couple boarded the S-2 sleeper coach with cash and valuables. Two men who boarded the train at Kurla station and were seated in the same compartment.

 They asked the couple if they could switch seats as they wanted to sit near the window. The couple agreed and the four began talking. “Rathna said the men seemed friendly and were making small talk with them,” said Girish Shetty, Sanjeeva’s cousin.

The men removed tetra packs of fruit juice from their backpack and offered them to the couple. However, they refused, saying they did not eat packaged food and would eat their dinner instead.

“Our relative Harish Shetty was seated in the AC compartment of the same train. He found them unconscious the next morning and alerted the RPF officials, who took them to Manipal Hospital in Kundapur,’ said Girish.

Sanjeeva, who owns a betel nut shop, is still unconscious. The RPF registered a case and transferred it to the Anjani railway police station.

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