Election Commission postpones a trip to Jammu and Kashmir



New Delhi: The Election Commission of India has postponed a two-day trip to Jammu and  Kashmir to discuss assembly polls in the state  in the wake of the devastating floods. Kashmir has witnessed the worst floods in the  past 60 years – nearly 200 people have died  and close to six lakh are stranded – and that’s  likely to impact the scheduling of assembly  polls in the state. The Jammu and Kashmir state assembly has to  be reconstituted by mid-January and elections  have to be held in the state before this  deadline. All the three Election Commissioners were  scheduled to visit the state on Thursday  (September 11) for a two-day tour to hold  discussions with the local administration. But  given that the state administration is engaged  in rescue and relief efforts on a war footing, the Election Commission has cancelled this trip  for now. Though no decision has been taken on the  schedule of the polls, Election Commission  insiders say the polling process is likely to be  delayed. Earlier, the Commission was looking  at holding polls in multiple phases along with  Jharkhand. The month of November and early part of  December would have suited the  administration as the state experiences bitter  cold wave conditions and snowfall in late  December and January. The floods have, however, forced the  Commission to rework all their timelines. “No  decision on poll dates have been taken yet but  election process may get delayed,” said an  Election Commission official.

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