ELECTION TALK: Jammu and Kashmir gearing up for Elections; More than a lakh security forces personnel deployed



Jammu kashmir elections 2014

Adequate arrangements with equipped facilities using latest and technology to monitor the polling in J&K  have been made by the administration and police for a peaceful conduct of polling in all the 15 constituencies under Phase 1. The Election Commission of India has made deep and comprehensive study of the whole polling process in the state taking into account all minor and major factors that interplay in the process. There have been all attempts to make sure that Elections are free and fair in all aspects. All the constituencies and the polling stations  are kept under a strict watch on the ground situation. Security arrangements are streamlined so as to avoid any disruptive situation to crop up and any other illegitimate activity is not to be given any space. Deployment of security forces for the conduct of fair and free polling is of great concern to the ECI.

A special monitoring cell in New Delhi has been established by the ECI, keeping all these factors in consideration which is equipped with all the latest gadgets of information to monitor each and every single move of the polling staff right from the time of their departure for the polling stations to the end of the polling and movement of polling equipments to the safe rooms in the district headquarters. More than 1,35,000 security forces personnel would be deployed and movement of all the parties would be tracked by ECI on real time basis Under the direction of the Election Commission, additional Nakas have been established and required checking is being carried out to ensure that no cash or kind is used by the candidates to lure or mislead the voters The patrolling has also been increased at many points to ensure safety and security of the people. Awareness is being imparted among the masses in various regions to cast and make their votes count, they are assured a safe polling environment and they have been made aware to inform the police in case of any required assistance or any illegitimate activity.


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