Electricity Dept Jammu launches weight loss scheme; 50,987 register

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Jammu, 12 May: The power development department in Jammu division launched a weight loss scheme three weeks ago and has seen a massive response in the time frame. In less than 21 days, PDD has managed to register 50,987 men, women and children.

The massive response has, however, not entirely been positive as the scheme overspreads to members not looking for weight loss at all. In fact, there have been complaints of a dehydration in Jammu because of PDD’s scheme of weightloss. The problem has been acute in the Kandi belt which already faces severe drought like conditions.

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As per the weight-loss initiative, the PDD has offered to convert the rooms of houses into saunas every night without making any constructions and thus minimal investment.

In a pilot run, the PDD without the consent of the people started with one hour electricity cuts gradually converting them into one-time six hour cuts in the night.

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With this strategy, the heat and sweat emanating out of the bodies of the forced registrants create steam and there has to be a minimum of two people in the room. After the first two hours of power cut, the steam fills the room and sauna-like conditions are created which has been helping the 50K people lose weight.

The sauna-like conditions however turn to a dry hot-room like conditions if there are more than two people in the room and this has been the major reason behind the dehydration cases.

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The PDD has issued cautionary warnings requesting people not to increase the members in a room to over two.

However, if people are not interested in the sauna like conditions, they can reduce the number to below two members and though this will not create sauna-like conditions, it will help in improving endurance which shall in turn improve the immune system.

If you have any grievances, however, you are free to call the nearest exchange office and ask them to provide electricity to singular houses, a special service, which can be availed from October 2016 onward.

This is a piece of fiction aimed at the real frequent and unscheduled power cuts every night in almost all parts of Jammu city. It is meant to be humorous but now that it is finished, it only evokes anger at PDD. Or doesn’t it?

The featured image is a real life image of Gaurav Shangari who’s weight loss story was featured on India today.