Electricity ki Chori -‘Kundi’ in a Channi House


By Citizen Journalist Shubha Mehta

Jammu, April 20: The government of the state has been attempting to improve the condition of the electricity department by redoing the cable lines throughout such that power theft atleast is not a nuisance. Some elements, rather some impish residents in posh areas are still doing the unimaginable. Now, one would imagine that the  famous kundi is a common thing employed by those living in jhuggis (thatched huts) in many areas of the city but not necessarily in the posh areas. Least of all, a kundi from a residence in Channi Himmat as can be seen in this photo.

Channi Himmat House Kundi

Channi Himmat House with a Kundi

In spite of the fact that these people live in opulent neighbourhoods, they still don’t fail in committing frauds. If this is how the so called residents of the ‘posh’ locality of our city are behaving, what do we expect from others?

The government has lately being doing certain enhancement as far is the main electricity line is concerned. Wherein, the main wire would be covered with an insulated coating making it safe. Also, it would restrict any and all the Kundi practice that is a phenomenon these days.

Owing to these changes, the residents of the Gujjar Nagar area of the city protested a while ago and batted out the electricians who had gone there for installation purpose. Now comparing the two situations, would it be wise to call the Gujjar Nagar dwellers as rebellious and anti-government?

Or should we put it in this way that, what they wish to have achieved by not letting the wires be replaced, the same is happening in the more advanced areas of the city already. With such practices going on and about in the city it becomes a real critical mission for the government to keep these areas in check.

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