Electricity lines hanging on trees in the absence of Poles

Citizen Journalist Jagjeet Singh
The electricity network in the state has been an issue for a very long time now and especially in the hilly terrains. The officials usually lay the lines, thinking that there work is done, except it is not.
In the Reasi district, there is a village by the name of Malikote (Dralli) and electricity is one of their major issues. The low-tension line that runs from the Chachi station to Dralli in Malikote is in a pathetic condition. The LT lines supply in India are of 400 Volts for three-phased connection and 230 Volts for single-phase connections. Such high amount of electricity is lethal. These lines pass through the trees without any electricity poles.
electricity lines
In the Malikote village, the regions of Bani, Baggan, Tundaghar, Neelari etc. where the electricity has been properly functioning for the past two years by using iron poles except Dralli region of this village.
electricity line
All the government officials as well as politicians of the district Reasi hardly pay any attention to the region (Dralli) Malikote.
The people of Dralli (Malikote) have been paying their electricity bills monthly, in spite of this fact the government seems least bothered to provide them with something that would actually get rid of any risk to the lives of the locals. They have urged the government to look into the matter