Electricity rates expected to increase in April

From the April month of this financial year, changes are expected to be reflected in the electricity bills. About 5-10% rise in the electricity bills is expected in domestic, commercial and industrial areas. The state power department has submitted its report on this subject.  When BJP-PDP alliance came to power late in the month of March last year, as expected there was no any increase in the electricity bills. Last year as well, the power department had requested the government to increase the electricity rates but no action was taken on it.

The power department has requested to raise the rates again and thus citizens can expect an increase in the electricity bills. Keeping in consideration the amount spent on the electricity this year which amounts to about 6949 crores, rates are likely to go up. At the present time, one unit costs about 7.25 rupees to the government including the subsidy given to certain sections of the society and the maximum subsidy is provided to the domestic consumers. The electricity rates charged to the domestic consumers is about 2.34 rupees at present.

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