Engineer Rashid’s beef antics earn BJP MLA’s ire

How responsible is it on part of a legislator to go against the law?

The antics of independent MLA engineer Rashid have led to fisticuffs in the state assembly as he provoked the BJP MLAs by throwing a beef party in the MLA hostel where all the legislators live and eat together. Not satisfied with giving the party, Rashid even had the gumption of issuing communal statements which forced the BJP MLAs to thrash Rashid in the assembly leading to an uproar and walkout by opposition. BJP MLAs Ravinder Raina, Gagan Bhagat and Rajiv Sharma thrashed independent MLA, Abdul Rashid Sheikh.  Jammu and Kashmir BJP MLAs
As soon as MLA Rashid entered the house he was slapped and it was only NC and Congress MLAs who rescued him. The provocation for this fight was that the MLA had thrown a beef party in MLA hostel where he served kebabs, meat balls, and patties in the lawn on the MLA hostel. BJP MLA Ravinder Raina said that he had even called the Chief Minister, and local SHO of the area but no action came from the authorities. The BJP is alleging that some powerful elements in the establishment itself are backing MLA Rashid on beef issue, and pushing him to carry out activities which will drive a wedge between communities in Jammu and Kashmir.  Jammu and Kashmir BJP MLAs

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However assault on Rashid, led to angry reactions particularly from Kashmir based leaders like former CM Omar Abdullah who said that it seemed the attackers wanted to murder the MLA. He also said that he did not eat pork or alcohol but does he assault others who eat it.
CM Mufti Sayeed also condemned the incident and even asked Dy CM Nirmal Singh to apologize for the conduct of his party MLAs. Singh however expressed regret but did not say sorry as he said engineer Rashid was equally responsible for hurting the sentiments of the legislators, and Hindu community at large. He said that the party does not approve of what happened in the assembly but also what happened in MLA hostel was wrong referring to the beef party organized by MLA Rashid in MLA hostel.
After the incident Rashid said that he did not want to offend anyone but wanted to send a message that no court or legislature can prevent people from eating what they wanted. He also alleged that BJP MLAs wanted to kill him like what happened in Dadri.

Meanwhile, here’s a glimpse of the Beef Party everyone is talking about:

kashmir beef party

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