Even international media reports just Kashmir side of the story for TRPs


Srinagar, August 5: The video in this post features educated looking youth from Kashmir who express their personal opinions on the aftermath of the July 8 encounter of Hizbul Mujahideen Militant, Burhan Wani.

The valley erupted after the protests and the unrest is far from over. That a famous militant’s encounter was going to have repercussions can be expected but the event snowballing into an extreme form of violence that has consumed over 50 people in one month was probably not foreseen.

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BBC India, in this video, spoke to just one section of Jammu and Kashmir about the Kashmir conflict. The video, that has been viewed a little over 1 million times, misses the opportunity to take views of the other members who live in the state’s other divisions – Jammu and Ladakh.

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A female in this video speaks on if she would take up a job provided by the Indian government. She says she would because the funds are required to fulfil basic needs but that does not guarantee integration with India because India’s ‘hold’, according to the female, on Kashmir is unjust and shall remain unjust.

The video unfortunately falls in the trap of biased reporting as it fails to show the views of J&K’s equal stakeholders from Jammu and Ladakh.

To simplify, Jammu and Kashmir was bought by the erstwhile Dogra rulers of the state. After India’s partition, the then Maharaja of the kingdom of Jammu and Kashmir, Hari Singh, signed the instrument of accession to India. The referendum that Kashmir’s populace harps on stands nullified because the UN requires Pakistan to move out of the parts of Kashmir it has occupied.

Also, in the beginning of this week had come another setback for the secessionists as well as Pakistan where the UN had clearly mentioned that it had no role in Kashmir but only on the Line of Control between India and Pakistan.

The video fails to consider or to display that alongwith Kashmiris, Jammuites as well as Ladakhis trusted to join India. How is it that only one part of the whole state that acceded to India protests?

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